shia__chan's Journal


<3 Hello, my name is Shia! Um, this isn't friends only or anything, so just comment randomly and I'll add you. =) Ehh, to be honest there's not really much I can put here. O_O Sooo, yeah.

Special thank you to Iffy-chan for making this for me! <3 Love you.

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What people say about me:

Shia-chan is absolutely adorable. She's an angel, she's cute, she's smart and she knows how to have fun. She tries to be positive despite everything and she's so tiny! *squeaks* She reminds of Shia (Despite the fact I have not seen Pita Ten)! XD I like her a lot and I am sure she will become an awesome friend~ I also hope she gets better soon!

-Rekino (shyunpo)

Shia-chan is so cute. <3 One of the shyest sweeties I've ever met who deserves lots and lots of hugs, and I really want to get to know her better!

-Kia (starswing)

Shia-chan has such an adorable personality. Even though we just recently friended each other, I can already tell that she's a truly kind person, a good friend and a HUUUUGE heart, no matter how shy she acts sometimes. *wubbles Shia*

-whendee (univers)